Sunflower Dish Cloth

100% cotton Sunflower dish cloth

with an added row of polyester scrubbers worked in for extra cleaning power.  


Handmade Crocheted item currently in stock and READY TO SHIP.


This listing is for your choice of one or more cotton sunflower dish cloths. 


Colors choices include:

Yellow:  Brown center with green scrubber row and yellow petals

Beige:  Brown center with gold scrubber row and beige petals

Red:  Beige center with gold scrubber row and red petals


The scrubber row is polyester yarn.  if you prefer 100% cotton wash cloth that choice is listed in the drop down.


Sunflower Dish Cloth

  • Crocheted sunflower dish cloth measures 6" diameter.  Made from 100% cotton yarn and 100% polyester scrubby yarn.