A life long maker, I want to share my love for handmade giving.  

I hope you'll find something that inspires you to enhance your life

with handmade gifts,

just as I've been inspired to make them.

Meet Kane, my company namesake.
My family is literally raising Kane,
a 5 year old Whoodle. Part Wheaten Terrier and part Poodle, he is cuddly and fun and loves to sit next to me while I work.  The best part? There's no worry for dog hair or dander on your purchases because he doesn't shed. 🐾🐾



Hello!  I'm Donna and I thrive in a tactile world where I can express my creativity and make things with my hands.  


I learned to sew and crochet as a child. My mom taught me, she is creative also. It seemed she could make anything.  We did cross-stitch pictures and plastic canvas and decorated elaborate cakes and cookies.  In addition to access to mom's sewing machine, crochet hooks and yarn stash I had a potter's wheel (that was messy) and weaving loom.  


A trip to the fabric or craft store was a welcome outing and provided so many opportunities for exploration and imagination.  These experiences were the foundation for how I create today.

It's always been my dream to share my talents through a handmade business.  What you see in my shop is a result of encounters of daily life, my current interests or a recent request of my kids.  If you have a request, just ask.  Let's dream together.

I make everything in my smoke-free, no-shed pet home. (Did you meet Kane above?)

Enjoy your visit and come back and visit often.

Blessings!  ~Donna